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Control towers seem to be springing up like daisies all over Europe. Anyone who is anyone in the supply chain arena has at least one, if not more. Are you missing out by being stuck with your ‘old-fashioned’ freight management desk? 

Experts Rob van Doesburg, Senior Project Manager and Consultant at CapGemini Consulting and Wilbert Tholhuijsen, Director Global Accounts at DSV discuss the facts around about control towers, bringing the phenomenon back down to ground level. Learn about control tower functionalities and find out how the concept could add value for your organisation.

An empty shelf where your product should be, inevitably leads to lost revenue. The majority of customers will opt for a similar product from the competition in the adjacent isle or don’t purchase the item at all.

Experts Simon Kos, founder of Real Apparel B.V, Ronald Poort, Global Business Development Director Fashion at DSV and John Rave, Sales Representative at DSV discuss the context in which on-the-shelf availability is becoming increasingly important for Sport and Leisure brand owners and highlight key areas where improvements can be made.


There are a lot of challenges when outsourcing your warehouse operations to a Third Party Logistics provider. Although surging issues might seem ad-hoc at the time, many of them are quite common when starting up, or moving outsourced warehouse logistics and can be anticipated upon. 

Experts Jack Pool, Managing Director of Districon and Thomas van Vliet, Marketing Manager discuss 10 issues that typically cause trouble during implementation of logistic solutions and how to deal with these issues.

"Complex logistics contracts should be managed closely,” is an often-heard message at logistics seminars. One would expect companies nowadays to have collectively adopted this approach and at least review monthly KPIs with suppliers in order to increase logistics performance. But do they really? 

Experts Jan Runge Petersen, Director of Contract Management at DSV Solutions and Maurits Speksnijder, Senior Manager at Ernst & Young Advisory identify the 7 pitfalls of logistic contract management.

Lots of things can go wrong during the transport of goods. Companies who outsource the transportation of their products to a professional carrier or freight forwarder often mistakenly believe that the service provider is fully liable for any damage. In the unfortunate event any problems do occur, they are presented with a battery of terms and conditions that are impossible for non-specialists to understand.

Experts Ruud Scheidel, member of the FENEX Legal Committee and Tom Schütt, Finance Manager at DSV in the Netherlands clarify everything you need to know about transport insurance.


The negotiation of a logistics services contract is a process that sometimes requires ample patience and attention to detail. Especially in the case of warehouse services the contract duration and exit clauses force the logistics service provider and the shipper to work together for a long time.  

In this article that was put together by the legal counsel of the Dutch Shippers Counsel (EVO) and DSV Solution’s legal department, we highlight a list of ‘hot potatoes’ that might arise during contract negotiations and how these can be resolved satisfactorily for both parties.


Despite being a mature and proven concept, so far, voice picking has been underutilized for e-commerce logistics models. Online retailers using voice picking laud its increased agility, and ability to deal with extreme peaks in activity while still achieving next-day delivery.


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