Useful links

Information of relevant websites in transport & logistics

On this page you will find a short overview of links to other pages, within DSV as well as outside DSV, containing valuable and relevant updates regarding Corona COVID-19 in the transport and logistics industry.

Websites by the Dutch government

  • National Institute for Public Health and the Environment: RIVM;
  • Government of the Netherlands;
  • Frequently asked questions (in Dutch) about international business as a result of Corona COVID-19.

General and country information by DSV Global Transport & Logistics

Relevant news websites in transport & logistics

  • DSV covid external news resources by DSV Global Transport & Logistics;
  • AirCargo World with contant updates on airfreight;
  • Fleet transport with constant updates regarding road transport and logistics in Europe;
  • with constant updates on transport and logistics in Europe;
  • (Dutch website) with constant updates on supply chain;
  • (Dutch website) with constant updates on transport;
  • Nieuwsblad Transport (Dutch website) with constant updates on global transport and logistics;
  • WorldCargo news with constant updates on global transport and logistics;
  • WSJ Business with constant updates by their global logistics report;
  • Shanghai Shipping Exchange with updates on the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index.