Why choose DSV?

Why choose DSV as your partner in transport and logistics?


Our colleagues in the Netherlands and abroad do everything to help you achieve your goals. Our organization employs more than 56,000+ people across 80+ countries with strong entrepreneurial DNA who all work together to help you succeed.


Because scale and reach matter. Whether it concerns air, land or sea, we are ready for you. We are growing steadily, so there is no location we cannot reach. Our consistent growth ensures that you can grow with it.


Excellent, reliable and productive. Operational excellence in our business processes is critical to our productivity, which supports our competitiveness and helps us deliver quality services on time. You need reliability to ensure your relationship with your customers works, so we use our people, technology and infrastructure to prepare for any eventuality.


From means of transport to insight into your market - and everything in between. You need a partner with expertise in the full range of transport and logistics services and within your industry. A logistics partner also needs in-depth knowledge of the global and local markets. We have all this and more.


Our culture and service are defined by our global values. We put our customers first. As a total supplier, we strive for our best performance every day, where initiative and ownership ensure real cooperation with customers.


You can rely on us for the long term. We are a growing and financially strong global company, the fourth largest in its category. Our financial strength and stability gives you the comfort to build long-term relationships knowing we will always be there to support you.


Improve quality, shorten time to market and improve the customer experience. Our use of technology and technological innovations increase productivity, improve your customer experience, lower your costs and minimize the risk of errors. This progress has improved our business across all modes of transport, supply chain management, tracking and tracing, resource monitoring and reducing inventory losses with real-time inventory control, while also providing superior services in key industries.


It is about more than the cost of the service. A sustainable and successful logistics partnership is about value, you will experience the DSV difference, and the costs are only a part of the collaboration.


Better together in the future. We have grown our company organically and through acquisition and have built up a team whose sum is better than the individual parts and whose value together is better for you. The same philosophy extends to our long-term relationships, which include your growth and our mutual success.


You. Yes, you are one of the reasons why you should choose DSV. You are the center of our world. We've tailored our business to your needs - wherever they are and whatever they may be.