Anita Seelbach-Lips

It is really never boring at DSV

When I followed the Legal Management Assistant Education in Breda in 2007, I was looking for an internship for my final school year. I looked for it in the direction of law firms and municipalities, but my mother tipped me off about DSV Solutions, because she had seen a vacancy in the Moerdijkse Bode. The English website about logistics did not immediately appeal to me, but I still applied and was allowed to come for an interview with Marieke de Rouw. That conversation resulted in an internship in the Secretarial department where we were working with four colleagues and two colleagues from the reception. Now Anita van Elzakker-Priem and I give substance to this department together; our names have been confusing for about 13 years, but the collaboration is very good.

My internship lasted six months and towards the end of that period I was offered a permanent job. I actually did not have in mind to start working immediately when I was eighteen, but I did have a good connection with the company and certainly with my colleagues, was in a good position in terms and the travel time was also a bonus. Now that I am celebrating my 12 and a half years anniversary, it turned out to be a good choice that I accepted this offer at the time.

My managers from the very beginning, Anton van Beers and Piet Mulders, taught me a lot and offered me many opportunities in the profession to develop, but also to show myself. For example, in 2010 I could organize my first Management Conference for all country managers of DSV Solutions. I thought that was super cool to do, but at the same time also very exciting. The following years followed five more of these annual conferences in foreign destinations that I always looked forward to hosting. During that period Anton van Beers was succeeded by Brian Ejsing and I worked remotely for a manager for the first time; he in Venlo and I in Moerdijk.

From 2012 I was also able to provide support for Rien van den Heuvel, then Managing Director of DSV Solutions Netherlands, partly remotely. In 2012 I took another outing as team leader of our department, because I often already took the lead with, for example, the planning or when things were not going quite well, but I stopped after a year. I feel more comfortable in an executive role that focuses on my own work. Rien retired in 2015 and was succeeded by Peter van der Maas. When I returned from maternity leave begin 2016 I started working part-time and since then my focus has only been on DSV Solutions Netherlands, Peter and his team, in combination with the Southwest Netherlands region, which is a good balance between work and my private life.

Very nice and educational that these things have already passed my path. I am certainly someone who loves the personal contact with direct colleagues and the bond you build with each other both within the Netherlands and abroad. But our office in Moerdijk always feels a bit like a family business within the large DSV. There are many colleagues who have been employed for a long time and with whom you have already shared and experienced a lot. Small and sometimes personal things as well as changes in management, takeovers, new departmental structures, etc.

A nice fact is that I had my internship at S&H Productfulfilment a year before I started at DSV Solutions. Now better known as DSV Multi-Channel Fulfillment. At the time hired by Erik Biemans and working in Daphne de Boer's department. Also, a company where I felt very much at home during my internship and where after all these years still many colleagues work from that time.

In short, it is never boring at DSV. At first glance I never expected that I would continue to work here, would grow in this position and go to work (or now partly home office) with a good mood almost every day. I do think it is important to keep up with the developments of the company to remain happy in your job. New managers bring new ideas and put you on edge for a while. Of course, not everything goes smoothly, but the grass is not always greener at the neighbours.

With hard work and being open to new developments, there are plenty of opportunities within a company like DSV. The choice is yours whether to use it or not.

I therefore hope to be able to contribute to DSV with so much job satisfaction for years to come. And by gaining even more experience and being able to work with different people, you can keep getting a little better in the profession. Oh yes, and of course to be able to plan many more dinners with my direct colleagues, because that is one of my most important tasks a few times a year since I started working at DSV :-)