Erik van Wunnik & Willem van Wunnik

Like father, like son: I can never really be at home, I prefer to work

It was early 1994 when Willem van Wunnik, then 47 years old, started as a temporary worker at Frans Maas where he received a permanent contract in September. He worked at DSV until his retirement in 2012, only to return after a three-week holiday as a temporary worker via Randstad, which he still does today at the age of 73.

Prior to his career at DSV, he worked at a wholesaler of fruit and vegetables, six days a week, 12 hours a day, often sat on the truck and taught himself extra tasks when the auction in Bergen op Zoom closed. Of course, in combination with his great passion: playing music on his keyboard at parties, either alone or with a band; born out of his skill for the accordion. Sometimes they don't need me in Bergen op Zoom for three weeks, then I'm really fed up because I can't sit at home. But then no one is sick, no one on course and then I am redundant. My environment thinks I am crazy that I do this despite my age, but I prefer to work; that gives me, but also my wife, peace and regularity. I started as a forklift driver but taught myself order picking, replacing the team leader, became a member of the Works Council and started my own “car wash” for plastic containers from General Electric Plastics. The company has always offered me every opportunity and I am very grateful to them for that. During his farewell party on the occasion of his retirement in 2012, Willem made the appeal

if you need me, you just have to call me

which was a fact three weeks later and still is until today.

His son Erik starts to laugh. As an only child, hard work was brought up to him. Erik wanted to study International Business Administration, but that meant work. So, on all weekends, holidays and days off, Erik worked as a temporary worker in the day or night shift at Frans Maas in Bergen op Zoom as a side job in addition to his studies. Loading, unloading, driving a forklift, how does the system work, inventory and all other activities. Just like his father ...

After his studies, Erik started an online portal for logistics real estate, worked at UPS and Goodman and started his own company for the development and construction of logistics real estate where he got in touch with Frans Maas and several former colleagues from his working time from Bergen op Zoom. A delicious cup of coffee with Ronald Poort resulted in a good conversation with former colleague Meinderdjan Botman. The switch to Global Business Development within DSV Solutions Global was made and the journey around the world could begin, which resulted in a network that he still benefits from every day. But with the aim of acquiring, implementing and expanding multicountry customers. After four years, he chose his family and the great challenge of Director Product Development within DSV Solutions Netherlands. A wonderful challenge with a mix of sustainability, engineering, design and creativity to (further) develop supply chain products in which he can fully use his network, knowledge and creativity.

In addition to their passion for logistics, father and son share an unbridled passion for music. Where Willem is introverted by nature, he taught Erik through music not to have stage fear and how to tell a story to an audience. A wonderful relaxation in addition to their daily love for their family, their friends and their work. Like father, like son …