Felix Thijssen

A first job is a milestone in your life

A first job is a milestone in your life. The moment when you say goodbye to student life and the "real" life begins. I faced this milestone last January, when I had completed my master Supply Chain Management. The world looked a lot different then.

In good spirits I started looking for a starter position. I was approached by a recruiter for the position of Logistics Engineer. The job description matched exactly what I was looking for; a position where both my analytical and my process-based knowledge can apply and develop. During the application procedure I had a very good feeling about the company DSV and my manager. I noticed a good connection with him and with the position. That's how I started full of energy on March 1, 2020.

The first months of my professional career fall on the spectrum; a good story for later. In my second week everyone was informed that we were going to work from home immediately until further notice. This was a setback for me and was a potential delaying factor for my onboarding process, which of course works best if you spend a lot of time in the operation and can talk to people. So I got to know my colleagues online, which even for a post-millennial takes some getting used to. However, the online Friday drinks made up for a lot.

I am now completely "up and running" and am working on our new warehouse in Tholen. I am busy supporting relocations, implementations of new customers and setting up processes. All projects in which I can combine my analytical skills with our core business; warehousing.

I notice that at DSV you get a lot of responsibility and a lot of room for taking initiative.

Looking back, I am therefore very satisfied with the first six months of my career.