Sten Dings

The atmosphere is always good and the work is very varied

Hello, my name is Sten Dings. I am 23 years old and I live in Steyl. I completed the study Manager Transport and Logistics level 4 at the Gilde Opleidingen in Venlo. As a result of this education I did an internship at DSV Road in Venlo where I have recently started as a Freight Forwarder Assistant.

My internship was very special. Due to the Corona Covid-19 pandemic, I was only able to work in the office for four weeks. In these four weeks I got to know the Transport Management System very quickly so that I could work independently from home. First of all, I was taught order entry in order to master the Cargolink system. I did this for a few days and then moved on to the import / export department where I started supporting my colleagues in the daily work. Think of selling loads, sending orders and all kinds of other support activities. Through these activities I learned the working method and the system in these departments and so I was able to cooperate well from home. Because we work with Microsoft Teams and other digital programs, this went well and I was able to help my colleagues in a proper way.

I really liked the transition from intern to Freight Forwarder Assistant. In the beginning it takes some getting used to because you are given more responsibility and you also have to learn a lot. As an intern it is different. You have not only your work from the company but also your school assignments. This means you not only have the focus on work but also at school. Now that I no longer have this, I can fully focus on my work and get the best out of it.

During your internship period, DSV ensures that you know all the ins and outs for the real work that comes next. You will be trained professionally as a fully-fledged team member and you build up experience little by little.


In addition, the atmosphere and collegiality is always good and the work is enormously varied. I hope I can still learn a lot and look forward to a long career at DSV. Finally, I would like to inform you that I had a very nice and well-organized internship at DSV with good guidance.