Tycho de Carpentier

From graduation internship to Logistics Engineer to Data Engineer

In 2015 I joined DSV Solutions through a graduation program and started my graduation internship of the Logistics Engineering program from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

After graduation, I started working as a Logistics Engineer at the Business Support department in Moerdijk. In the first years I was mainly busy with process improvements in the warehouse. This was very interesting because you spend a lot of time in the warehouse and talk to people who work with the goods. The nice thing about the Engineer role is that every day is different.

Since I wanted to develop myself more towards the IT side, I have been able to follow many courses and training courses in recent years. The activities also shifted more to making (data) analyzes and reports. In 2019 I came into contact with Power BI, a tool with which you can make interactive reports, through a course at BUas (Hogeschool Breda). This allows you to inform the end user, in all layers of the organization, in a professional and standardized manner so that they can make better decisions.

I have always experienced DSV as a good and flexible employer with great colleagues, where you as an employee have many opportunities to develop yourself.

Early 2020 I made the switch to Data Engineer in the national Operational Excellence team. My new position is a completely new role within DSV, where the exact details have not yet been determined, partly because the logistics world is constantly changing. Power BI continues to play an important role in this.