Application procedure

Are you curious about what will happen to your application?

Have you applied for a job at DSV in the Netherlands? Great but exciting at the same time. Of course you are curious what will happen to your application now. That is why we want to use this page to give you an insight into how the application procedure at DSV works.

  1. We strive to assess your application within a week and inform you about this.
  2. Does your application make us curious? Then we will invite you for an initial interview with the manager and possibly with someone from HR.
  3. When the job interview is experienced as positive, we invite you for a second interview. This is usually with another manager and a colleague from HR. Depending on the position, a Saville test will have to be made prior to this interview. The outcome of the test is discussed in this conversation.
  4. When we choose you, an employment interview will take place by telephone. You will have this conversation with one of our HR colleagues.
  5. Welcome to DSV, it's time to forward your career!

Screening and testing against the Logistic Sector Warning Register are always part of the employment. In addition, we request a Certificate of Good Behavior (VOG) from all employees prior to entering employment. If you have any further questions, please contact Michelle de Waal or call her on 06 - 5136 5493.

Good luck with your application at DSV.