3D Printing and logistics

Insights in the industry of transport and logistic services by our experts.

In these two podcasts below, we discuss 3D Printing. Is it the industrial Big Bang for the logistics industry? 

3D Printing: more than Spare Parts Logistics

In this new edition of DSV’s Expert Insights Podcasts Erik van Wunnink, Director Product Development at DSV Solutions, discusses 3D Printing and spare parts logistics. 

3D Printing: the industrial “Big Bang” that can change the logistics industry? 

In this edition of the DSV Expert Insights Podcasts, experts Erik van Wunnik, Director Product Development at DSV Solutions, and Thomas van Vliet, Director Business Analytics at DSV Solutions, introduce the industrial "Big Bang" that can revolutionize the logistics world. Is 3D Printing a threat or an opportunity for logistics companies? Or is it a hype that will eventually blow over? Click further and find out what Erik has to say about this.

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