DSV XPress

Fast, flexible and easy to use.

DSV XPress provides global courier services for freight, package and document shipments. All deliveries are completed to a high degree of flexibility and reliability. When time is your primary concern, we offer express services in over 220 countries. Whether a standard DSV XPress solution or a DSV XPress Special Services solution is required.

  • DSV XPress - when time matters
  • DSV XPress Economy - when cost matters
  • DSV XPress Special Service - when it's critical

The choice is yours

Choose DSV XPress when time matters. DSV XPress Economy is an economical alternative for your less time-sensitive shipments.

With either option you get:

  • Online booking
  • Track & Trace
  • Exception alerts and other shipment notifications
  • Customer reports
  • Single point of contact
  • Dedicated, personal service
DSV XPress   DSV XPress Economy    DSV XPress Special Services
Worldwide and domestic services
  Worldwide and domestic services
  Worldwide and domestic services
No weight limit
  No weight limit
  No weight limit
Transit time: 1-4 working days
  Transit time: 1-6 working days
  Same day service 
Next day delivery in European and North American commercial centres   Lower rates
  On-board courier
        Direct delivery
        Special Courier

Transit times


Transit times


Transit times

Domestic 1 day
  Domestic 1-2 days   Europe
3-8 days
Europe 1-2 days
2-5 days   USA / Canada
9-12 days
USA / Canada 1-2 days
  USA / Canada
4 days   Asia
10-16 days
Asia 1-3 days
4-6 days   Middle East
10-15 days
Latin America 1-3 days
  Latin America
4 days    
Middle East 1-3 days
  Middle East
3-4 days
Africa / Oceania 2-4 days
  Africa / Oceania
3-5 days     
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