Exploration Lab

How do innovations add value to your supply chain?

New technologies are emerging at a rapid pace that have a disruptive influence on almost every sector. The transport and logistics sector is no exception. DSV has therefore already implemented various new technologies, such as 3D Printing, mechanization, robotization and the internet of things. With the Exploration Lab, DSV is investigating how the use of different technologies in the supply chain can add value to the objectives and operations of customers.

The Exploration Lab, located in Moerdijk, has become the center for the inventory and further elaboration of the possibilities that all kinds of new innovations have for DSV services. Erik van Wunnik, Director Product Development at DSV, explains:
“As the name implies, we want to explore through real customer cases how we can use innovations from the market in the supply chain. We will investigate how we can apply the technology and gain more insight into the cost-to-serve. This knowledge will be particularly valuable if we, at the request of customers, start developing transport and logistics services related to new technologies. "

Are you interested in our knowledge and innovations or do you want to innovate together with us, feel free to contact us.