Digitization by DSV: for a data-driven supply chain

DSV is at the forefront of digitization. We are convinced that without modern IT systems it is impossible to manage a supply chain efficiently, quickly and adequately. We therefore invest in new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotization, the internet of things and 3D printing. The major advantage of these technologies: the data they provide about our operations. We analyze that data and translate it into valuable insights that help us organize your supply chain even better. This is how we create a data-driven supply chain for you.

Digitization means not only data, but also integration. DSV has modern IT systems that can be fully integrated with your own systems. This not only leads to flawless processing of your orders, but also to complete transparency in your supply chain.

The comprehensive DSV software system is called CargoWRITE (Warehouses, Resources, Information, Technology, Execution). DSV leads the way with this integrated platform. This leads to best-in-class functionality, improved efficiency and complete transparency with only one goal: high-quality logistics services at the lowest possible costs.

CargoWRITE consists of the following building blocks:

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