Assembly and kitting

At the right place in the logistics chain

Are you struggling downstream in the supply chain with high stocks that run the risk of aging quickly? Then it might be smart to shift part of the production process to the warehouse. By assembling end products at the last minute, you only have to keep modules and components in stock. DSV has extensive experience with this type of activities, including in high-tech. We know what is required for this.

Do you want to deploy your own employees more efficiently? You can relieve them by entrusting part of their duties to us. DSV puts kits together with all the materials they need to perform a specific task. If you want, we combine components to create new products based on your bill of materials.

By using DSV for assembly and kitting, you no longer lose time and money in your supply chain. Of course we guarantee the quality of the products and we offer complete transparency based on series, batch and lot numbers.

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