Warehousing by DSV

Solutions for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow

Your inventory levels are different today than yesterday. The same applies to your order pattern. At DSV we understand that. With our warehouse solutions we can quickly respond to your changing demand for storage space and order processing capacity.

Spread across Europe, DSV has a network with more than 135 multi-user warehouses. Do you want to expand or reduce inventory levels? Do you expect an extra peak temporarily? Are you opening a new sales channel that requires a different logistics? Are you looking for a stock point in a new market? We analyze your needs, think along with you and offer a solution that fits perfectly. Not only today, but also tomorrow.

Our warehouses are at the forefront of digitization and automation. This ensures that your goods are processed as efficiently as possible and are stored under optimal conditions. How do we do that? That depends on your assortment, your order pattern and your customers. We develop tailor-made solutions for every sector.

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