Warehouse storage: one size doesn't fit all

Warehouse storage no longer applies: one size fits all. Goods with different specifications and different demand patterns require different storage and order picking systems, manually or automatically. The DSV warehouses are designed for this. We analyze your order pattern, your stock levels and your assortment. We select the correct storage method based on this.

DSV takes into account the correct ratio between bulk and pick locations, between pallet and shelf racks, between A, B and C locations. We continuously monitor whether your fast runners and slow runners are still in the right location. We constantly check whether the actual stocks correspond to the administrative stocks. After all, high stock reliability is an essential condition for optimum delivery performance, especially in this online era.

Are you looking for a conditioned storage space? Does it concern hazardous substances? Do your high-quality products require extra security? Or do you have other specific requirements for the storage of your goods? Please contact us. We will gladly look for a suitable solution with you, whether it is a manual or automatic solution.

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