E-commerce and E-fulfillment

When reliability is more important than speed

E-fulfillment is much more than just a logistic option. It covers the whole online order and service chain, from the moment that your client enters an order until the after-sales is completed.

E-commerce success is all about retention

So it's vital that your order and service chains form one single integrated, seamless supply chain. Each extra link in the chain leads to extra costs, communication, delays and likely annoyance for both you and your customers.

Brand experience and good fulfillment go hand in hand

You want your customers to be satisfied and come back and buy from you again. But you only get one chance to make a first impression. At the same time, studies prove that outsourcing your fulfillment saves you substantial amounts of money, while also increasing your service levels and capabilities. This is why a strong order and service chain is crucial to your business.

Our experience in e-fulfillment for e-commerce is second to none. We started as early as 1996 and have built on this experience and know-how ever since, supporting our customers in achieving a healthy, down-to-earth e-commerce business model. With our fulfillment services, you can be sure that your brand and image will stay intact during the order and service supply chain, and that your relationship with your customer is safe and secure with us.

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