With 100% stock visibility at all times

Designed and built to give you the highest service levels, running our modern warehouses for our customers belongs to our core competences. 


Keep your stock levels optimized 


We don’t just store your goods. We also help you keep your stock optimized, so that you have the right product volumes available at the right time. Meaning that we keep your storage costs low while your service levels are kept high.


Get stock reports 


Our regular stock reports give you precise and total visibility of your stock levels and trends. We help you achieve the right stock levels at all times.


Real-time movement registration


Our real-time communication protocols allow for extreme short turnaround times of incoming stock and seamless warehouse. Each stock movement is registered in real-time, guaranteeing a 100% accurate view of your stock. It doesn't matter if it just arrived or if it is in transit, is being stored or picked: we know exactly where each of your items is at any time.


Stock control parameters


Do your products have expiry dates, or need temperature monitoring or regulation? Our systems can handle all that and more: storage conditions, expiry dates, lot numbers and temperature.



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