Why choose DSV Multi-Channel Fulfillment?

Our fulfillment solutions offer an end-to-end solution including multi-channel response handling, warehousing, product fulfillment, financial fulfillment and supply chain management

The quality of your (e)-fulfilment is a determining factor for you. It’s how your B2B, B2B2C and/or B2C customers will experience and judge your performance as a brand.


Is your brand crucial for your success? Then our best-in-class fulfilment is exactly what you need! Because, when you outsource your fulfilment, you also hand over crucial part of your customers’ brand experience! Our services are focused on optimizing your customers’ brand experience. Together with DSV Multi-Channel Fulfilment, you can focus on your market. And excel in it!

Our end-to-end fulfilment solutions are especially for internet, multi-channel and omni-channel orders. But also for your entire order and service supply chain, from order receipt to after-sales. Our fulfilment has become much more than just a logistic service. We supply carefree operational support that lets your organization focus on your core competences, and conquer your market. This includes: Fulfilment solutions

At DSV MCF, you get our hearts, not just our hands. That passion leads to a smoother implementation, better support and an operational excellence that help achieve your results and lets your brand shine. As said, after all, the quality of your fulfillment is an important factor for how your customers will experience your brand.

Your customers want freedom of choice with regard to how, where and when they buy and communicate with you. And they expect you to facilitate a seamless integration between your online and offline operations. DSV Multi-Channel Fulfillment solutions allow you to serve your customers as they wish.