Government logistics

Military, defence and governmental operations

Military, defence and governmental operations for UN, NATO and aid and relief organisations have been part of our services portfolio for many years.

We have performed transport services for military operations for a range of NATO members. Any operation is always based on a feasibility study, our experience and our certification as a transport and logistics provider. We are acknowledged as a full-service logistics provider for international missions in Afghanistan, Africa, Iraq and the Balkans. 

Our highly specialised and dedicated team is able to provide gateways for extensive transport capacity at short notice within defence, military and governmental operations. This is often within 24 hours, whatever the date or the hour. We offer a variety of transportation modes and logistics solutions to serve our customers’ needs, even in areas with poor or no traditional infrastructure.

Feasibility study and one-stop solutions

Feasibility studies and onsite surveys are always part of our door-to-door solutions. We offer one-stop solutions with the necessary air and ship charters, rail and road transportation and any heavy haulage required.

Besides specific feasibility study and onsite surveys, we also cover order management and reporting systems, global supervision by our own team of port captains, and warehousing and crane operations at need.

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