ECO friendly transport: less CO2 emissions, less impact on the environment

We constantly try to reduce our carbon footprint and the impact on the environment.

The progress we make in terms of our environmental impact and CO2 emissions is announced in connection with our financial reports.

Reduction of carbon emissions and harmful particles

In 2017, almost 80% of our fleet and that of our carriers met the highest European guidelines. This means that we continue to reduce the emissions of harmful substances. The emissions of harmful substances from DSV's road transport activities have been reduced by almost 52% since 2010.

Calculation of carbon footprint and CO2

CO2 reduction through consolidation is crucial for our company and an important element of our contribution to an overall CO2 reduction. We can create shared value by reducing transport costs by consolidating freight, which leads to lower total costs, fewer vehicle kilometers and lower fuel consumption and thus to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

However, consolidation can also lead to less flexible delivery schedules, which can lead to fewer consolidated shipments instead of more frequent but smaller shipments or a route with less frequent departure. When a customer is open to such changes, a significant reduction in CO2 emissions is achievable. This is the reason that we always discuss this with the customer to see what the wishes and needs are.

Do you want to know more about how DSV tries to reduce its impact on the environment? Use this link to read more about our Corporate Social Responsibility.

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