Fleet of trucks

Road transport accounts for almost half of the CO2 emissions of DSV.

One of our efforts to offer environmental friendly services is to regularly check, but also renew our fleet of trucks. These checks take place periodically to ensure the trucks that we use are technically in order, but also comply with the highest European emission standards.

European standards

The European emission standards prescribe that all new produced vehicles (passenger cars as well as trucks) meet a certain emission level.  This emission level of harmful substances is getting more strict and momentarily, the European union uses emission standard VI.

DSV Fleet of trucks

In 2014, over 80% of our trucks were classified with emission standard IV, V or VI. As shown in the table below, the trucks of DSV are getting more environmentally. We strive to make our services even more environmentally friendly every year. Continuously checking and renewing our fleet of trucks is one ways we as DSV try to reduce our impact on the environment.

Engine type by Euro standard – DSV and subcontractors' trucks

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