DSV Region teams: one-stop shop for all your logistic issues

Good logistics cooperation stands or falls with good communication.

We realize the importance of your logistical processes and activities. Also, we know that good communication is essential.

Customer oriented, efficient and effective

The Region teams are dedicated to the countries of your transport (import as well as export). By combining customer processes like order entry, planning, administration, customer service and by investing in knowledge, we can answer your questions efficiently and customer oriented.

Every Region team has one central telephone number and multiple email addresses. Depending on your shipment, you choose the import or export email address. Whatever your question is about your shipment, the Region teams has an answer!

DSV Region teams answer all your questions

Do you want to know more about the Region teams and what they can do for you? Or do you have a question about your shipment or invoice? Contact our Region teams. Below you can find a complete overview of all our Region teams.

DSV Region team overview

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