AEO certificate: less customs checks, fewer delays

The AEO certificate offers many advantages in international trade.

Internationally active companies can be granted AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status by the customs office. In order to achieve Authorised Economic Operator status, DSV was required to comply with a number of security and safety requirements. The criteria are based on the European Commission’s Community Customs Code and the associated amendments.

Advantages of the AEO certificat

As an international trading partner with AEO certification, DSV benefits in various ways: for instance, the company is subject to fewer and less stringent border controls when importing or exporting goods, which reduces delays at customs. Also, a AEO certified company profits from a given priority during inspections and can indicate where the inspection takes place.

All these advantages results in time savings which are benificial for you as a customer. Our current certificat is valid since 2010. Click on this link to see our current AEO certificat.


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