TAPA certificate: for securing transport and warehousing

TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) is a forum for security professionals and business partners of production and transport companies and consists of several certification possibilities.

TAPA certifications show that goods within the supply chain are protected against theft. TAPA also offers security guidelines to standardize the security level. Based on the TAPA certification, a company can show that the business processes, for securing good, are in order.

Safety first

DSV works according to the TAPA TSR level 3 and TAPA FSR level C guidelines. Within these guidelines, safety regulations regarding transport (TSR) and facility (FSR) matters are stated. The guidelines include the security of the DSV locations and fleet, but also include training for personnel and agreements with customers to minimize the risks of theft and loss of goods. Use this link so see our TAPA certificate.

Use to get to the website of TAPA to get more information regarding these guidelines.

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