EcoCombi trailers

Sustainable option with extra large load capacity

With a maximum length of 25.25 meters long and a weight of 60 tonnes, the EcoCombi trailer is the longest trailer combination that is permitted. The EcoCombi is called this way because the load capacity increases by 60% compared to a standard trailer (13.6 m), while the fuel costs hardly increase. In terms of sustainability, the EcoCombi is the best solution for your shipments.

The EcoCombi can consist of 2 or 3 separate trailers. The most common combination is two trailers as shown below.


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What are the dimensions of a EcoCombi trailer?

Below you can find a table with the sizes and dimensions of our EcoCombi trailer. Dimensions and capacity may vary depending on manufacture and production year. The specifications listed below are, however, representative.

 EcoCombi trailer: sizes and dimensions

  Front trailer Back trailer
 Tare weight 6,800 kg 8,600 kg
 Payload capacity 13,200 kg 31,400 kg
 Cubic capacity 60 m3 90 m3
 Length internal 8,1 m 13,62 m
 Width 2,46 m 2,46 m
 Height 2,70 m 2,70 m
 Door opening width 2,46 m 2,46 m
 Door opening height 2,70 m 2,70 m
 Side opening height - -
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