Reefer trailer

Reefer trailers are suitable for your perishable cargo. Find dimensions and capacity here.

What is a reefer trailer?

Reefer trailers are designed to maintain a specific temperature to keep your cargo fresh on arrival. We use refrigerated trailers for your perishable cargo, such as fruit and vegetables.

Reefer trailer DSV


Dimensions of a reefer trailer

Depending on manufacture and production year, the dimensions and capacity of reefer trailers may vary more than other trailer types. The specifications listed in the table below are, however, representative.

Reefer trailer: sizes and dimensions

 Tare weight 9,000 kg
 Payload capacity 31,000 kg
 Cubic capacity 85 m3
 Length internal 13,31 m
 Width 2,48 m
 Height 2,60 m
 Door opening width 2,46 m
 Door opening height 2,60 m
 Side opening height -

Shipping perishables with reefer trailers

Timing is one of the crucial factors when handling refrigerated produce as it deteriorates with time at a rate dependent on the temperature of storage. Our white paper about perishables aims to guide, advise and illustrate the options available to those looking to import and export perishables around the world. 

Keeping your cargo at the correct temperature all the way from origin to destination is a precise, logistical operation. Learn how we handle Winfield Africa's cold chain where reefer trailers were used for parts of the transport.

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