Online price request tool helps Berson UV move faster

There is only one competitor with a comparable system offering prices in this way but their method is rather more cumbersome to use.

Since its introduction, Berson UV has been using DSV’s online Quote and Book tool to get fast access to price quotes for its shipments.

Using the tool, companies can request a price for a shipment online and then book it directly. "DSV’s online Quote and Book tool is unique. There is only one competitor with a comparable system offering prices in this way but their method is rather more cumbersome to use”, says Pauline Kloosterman, Berson UV’s Logistics Manager.

Berson UV has been making ultraviolet disinfection systems for drinking water and wastewater installations for over 40 years. Its head office is in the Netherlands and there are also offices in the United States and China as well as a worldwide network of partners.

No logistic challenge too great

"We are active all over the world. The United States is an important market for us because we have an associate company there. We also do a lot of business with Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Much of our work comes at short notice, which means that we cannot plan ahead for more than two months at a time”, explains Pauline Kloosterman.

For many companies, such short-term planning would bring a host of challenges, but not for Pauline and Berson UV. "I’ve been working here for more than 17 years and know very well how working to a tight schedule can bring out the best in people. I have several reliable logistic providers I count on such as DSV. They react quickly to my price quotes which I can then compare. The price is then often the deciding factor for which logistics provider we choose”, she adds.

Continuously improving service

Berson UV has been doing business with DSV for a very long time. "Over time you can definitely see how much the service has improved. The process of requesting quotes and booking transport has got much easier. I get prices back within 30 minutes and then actually booking shipments is even faster. Using Quote and Book has really improved things – and it’s something that simply wasn't possible ten years ago. And of course, the personal contact with DSV is very valuable.”

“By investing in our people, new services, customer service and quality we try to differentiate ourselves from our competitors,” says Patrick van Ulft, Managing Director at DSV Road. “We can see that clients notice our improvements and appreciate them. The Quote and Book tool especially is an improvement for many companies. It is a unique tool which allows them to get price quote 24 hours a day. And this growth in service and quality is something we are going to improve even further in the years to come”.

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