Training improves logistics processes at Estee Lauder

DSV helps Estée Lauder improve supply chain

DSV regularly organizes interactive training sessions to show customers how joint logistics projects can be improved and optimized. The training sessions teach how the techniques and principles of the Lean Six Sigma can be implemented in practice. For example, principles such as change management and presentation techniques.

Estée Lauder, for whom DSV manages the warehouse in Oevel, Belgium, is one of the customers who have had this training.

“The training offered by DSV was a unique opportunity for us not only to learn from the knowledge that is available, but also to meet other DSV customers and share our experiences. During this training, we have gained more insight into the process and have been provided with tools to help us identify areas where improvement is desirable.


Invest in companies

This training, initiated for the first time by a logistics supplier, is an investment by DSV in the cooperation between its customers. It improves business processes, but also has an advantage in terms of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

“It is useful to collaborate more intensively with DSV to optimize our inventory and distribution processes. I am an advocate of taking this event to a higher level and thus sharing more specific knowledge and data between our companies. ", Erin continues.

The training is intended to equip the participants with the right tools to successfully change projects. That is of course also an advantage for DSV, because customers often have a lot of influence on the way functional processes run in the warehouses. The training is completed with an assessment. All participants receive a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate to underline that they have gained new knowledge.

After this training, DSV facilitates a coaching program with the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) method, in which the planned improvements are monitored.