DSV truck makes ice hockey talents from all over Europe the day of their dreams

In three and a half months, the CCM tour will visit fifteen cities throughout Europe. DSV manages the logistics.

An ice hockey clinic with the best pros and the best materials. That is what the Canadian sports brand CCM organizes every summer under the name CCM Skills Camp. Again this year. In three and a half months, the CCM tour will visit fifteen cities throughout Europe. DSV manages the logistics. “They know the way throughout Europe.

Since 26 May, the famous ice hockey brand CCM has been touring throughout Europe. In three and a half months, the CCM Skills Camp settles every weekend in a different European city, from Helsinki to Budapest and from Nottingham to Kazan, the city on the banks of the Volga deep in Russia. “In every country we invite the eighty best 13-year-old ice hockey players. Every Saturday they experience a fantastic day with professionals from the NHL and toppers from their own national team. They train and play with each other and are of course pampered as a professional. And not unimportant: they get the opportunity to test the latest CCM stuff, ”says Johan Andersson of United Media Group (UMG), the Swedish marketing agency that organizes the event on behalf of CCM.

Winter tour

The CCM Skills Camp is based on a smart marketing strategy: invite the best player from each team and make that brand ambassador. Andersson: “Imagine that the captain of the team shows his new skates at the start of the season with the comment that he has never had such good irons under his feet. Then the rest of the team also wants CCM skating? "

The strategy works well. "Really good", Andersson dares to say after five summers with CCM Skills Camps. “So good that we are now considering starting a winter tour in addition to this summer tour. Then we visit the biggest clubs in every country and we stay a few days in every place. Now that CCM is no longer part of Adidas, but is owned by a Canadian private equity firm, there is more room for such initiatives. ”

Tight schedule

A tour of three and a half months through Europe requires a tight logistical planning. UMG has completely given over from DSV Road. A special truck with a trailer - equipped with a tail lift and an electric forklift - will drive from city to city this summer with all the equipment for the CCM Skills Camp and enough supplies to equip all children for the entire tour. DSV provides a steady driver and good route planning that takes him to a secure parking place on time. “That truck has to be in the right place for the design of the CCM Skills Camp every Friday at noon. Is that not the case? Then we have a big problem when eighty children arrive the next morning. Of course there are logistics companies in every country that can drive a truck from A to B. But DSV knows the way throughout Europe. "

Truck change in Russia

In addition to planning, a quick but correct handling of customs processes is also of the utmost importance. After all, the CCM tour not only remains within the borders of the European Union, but also visits Russia and Switzerland. Immediately after the tour schedule has been announced, DSV will therefore start preparations. All the paperwork is already arranged and translated into the correct languages, all to guide the truck through customs as quickly as possible. Before the tour goes to Russia, DSV even changes the truck and driver. That has everything to do with safety, but also with the advantage that a Russian-speaking driver offers in Russia.


Blindly trust

After several successful collaborations, Andersson blindly relies on DSV, and in particular on contact person Geert Vermeer. He in turn can fall back on a team of three planners, one of whom comes from Russia. All three planners know the project, know what is in the truck and which driver is behind the wheel. They monitor the position of the truck and can intervene if necessary. “The human factor plays a crucial role in this type of project. DSV is a partner who thinks along and points out important points of attention in advance, "says Andersson. “I can't look over Geert's shoulder 24 hours a day. That is not necessary, because DSV always solves all problems early. Is a truck threatening to arrive late? Then DSV knows how to make up for the delay. "