Search Pokemon together with DSV

If the goods have to arrive in Europe faster, we also use air freight and DSV is also one of our partners.

Pokémon is extremely popular. Everyone knows the image of the hordes of young people who roam the neighborhood with their cell phones with one goal: to capture as many Pokémon figures as possible. The media franchise focuses on capturing fictional creatures and includes various computer games, trading cards and a cartoon series. Especially since the launch of the Pokémon Go app, the franchise has grown enormously in popularity.
Pokémon was created by Satoshi Tajiri around 1995 and has since proved extremely popular. Outside of Europe, the computer games and trading cards are marketed by The Pokémon Company International. Shaun Flanders, Director of Inventory & Logistics since March this year, is pleasantly surprised by the renewed popularity of the Pokémon brand. Shaun: “The Pokémon Company is a fantastic company with a brand name that is known and loved throughout the world. There is something magical about this brand, it builds a bridge between people of different ages and cultures. We naturally spend a lot of time on a new concept such as Pokémon Go. We are full of conviction when we launch it on the market, but we did not see that the sales figures would be so huge. The success is worldwide, Australia, America, Africa, Asia and of course Europe. "

Fast availability is essential

Europe is an important market for the company. Shaun: Certainly. Europe is a big market, our products are very popular there. Especially after the success of Pokémon Go. The present generations in their thirties and forties were already very enthusiastic about Pokémon in their youth. They see that their children are now absorbed in the new Pokémon products with the same passion. As the person responsible for logistics, I want to make sure that our products are available on time and sufficiently. DSV is a very important partner for us. DSV provides the entrance to the European market for us. The team takes care of the storage and follow-up of all incoming orders that arrive from America. These orders are picked and bundled for distribution to mainly game and hobby stores throughout Europe. We also deliver to major tournaments. These are many small orders from customers and players who always want to expand their set with, for example, new cards and supplies. If the goods have to arrive in Europe faster, we also use air freight and DSV is also one of our partners. "


Gerard Rozenveld, Customer Services Supervisor at DSV, is one of the people involved in the work for the Pokémon Company. Gerard: “What Shaun already says, it's about inbound, storage and outbound. We work with a total of 15 people in the warehouse and office. Shaun was here in September and we spoke extensively about the work. Availability is very important, so also quick and accurate follow-up of incoming orders. "Shaun:" Another point I want to mention is communication and feedback. We also ask DSV to properly store all data in their information systems and to give us accurate feedback. That feedback is again important for us to steer production. If that communication is good back and forth, we can continue to deliver on time! DSV appears to be a very good partner for us. They are all professional people, they know what they are doing! ”