Knowledge and network make the difference

DSV transports lithium batteries for Septentrio

The industrial GPS receivers that Septentrio supplies are powered by lithium batteries. The high-tech company has experimentally determined that the transportation of these batteries is anything but simple due to strict regulations. “We expect a logistics service provider to take over our problems and come up with solutions. With DSV we have such a partner. "

Septentrio develops, produces and sells highly accurate industrial GPS receivers. They are used worldwide to determine the position of ships, construction machines and agricultural vehicles in the most extreme circumstances. "Sixty percent of our products go to customers in Europe, but we also ship them to North America, China, Australia and South Africa," says Wouter Vicca, shipping coordinator at Septentrio.

Speed ​​is important in the sector in which Septentrio operates. “Customers prefer to receive their order already yesterday. In addition, flexibility is important. Orders are often changed or supplemented at the last minute. Our logistics operation must be prepared for this ”, says Vicca, who mentions the rapid growth of Septentrio as a major logistical challenge. “We moved to a new warehouse not so long ago, but that too is already full. The growth forces us to look for more efficient solutions for storage and inventory management. ”

Strict rules for lithium batteries

What makes the shipping of products complex are the lithium batteries with which the GPS receivers of Septentrio are equipped. The transport of batteries with the flammable lithium is subject to strict rules, which often vary from country to country. “Sometimes those are rules that we just know. Then it appears that a shipment cannot be delivered to the customer's location. This means that an alternative solution must be devised quickly to get our products to the customer. In the past, customers sometimes had to pick up a shipment themselves. "

Septentrio has been using DSV as a logistics service provider for a few months now. “We had a regular carrier, but were not completely satisfied. For example, we have tried several times to send an order with only lithium batteries, both as air freight and as sea freight. That failed, or it had to be at such high prices that shipping was no longer an option for us. Through DSV we have access to many more carriers and therefore also many more shipping options with better rates, ”says Vicca.

Switch faster

The choice of DSV followed after an external agency compared the rates of the existing carrier with the rates in the market. The fact that Septentrio came into contact with DSV at the same time made the choice easier. “We have been testing DSV for a month. Based on that, we have decided to switch. What appeals to us is the knowledge that DSV brings. Unlike with our previous carrier, DSV does not first have to sort out every question internally. This means we can switch faster, "explains Vicca.

Especially in the field of lithium batteries, Septentrio expects to benefit from the knowledge that DSV offers. “When we started using lithium batteries a few years ago, we followed a training course on the rules for handling, packaging and transporting lithium batteries. But certainly when a new customer places an order, it is good to check the latest state of affairs regarding the regulations again. Also to reassure the customer, "says Vicca. “We expect a logistics service provider to take over our problems. If the chosen transport solution is not possible, he must come up with a solution. It should not be that we have to dive into the matter ourselves. With DSV we have such a service provider. It's nice to have a partner who has more experience with dangerous goods such as lithium batteries. ”