Entrepreneurial spirit and practical attitude make the difference

DSV knows how to tackle the clothing industry.

An empty store shelf is not an option for Haggar. That's why they pay a lot of attention to monitoring their stock. “The clothing industry is just slow. The cycle from design to delivery to retailers takes six to seven months. Everything that we can use to reduce this lead time helps to shorten our time to market, ”says Brian Main, President of Haggar in Canada.

Proactive planning and trend analysis

Smaller shipments with a higher frequency helps Haggar to rationalize the range.
“Approximately 65 percent of our business consists of replenishing store stocks. The greater the frequency, the greater our success. We have a proactive planning department for this that can accurately estimate trends. In addition, we have people on location at retailers to make sure we get the right information, "continues Brian.



Haggar has been working closely with DSV since July 2008 for warehousing in Canada.
“The previous logistics service provider could not support the growth of our activities in Canada. That is why we have started a tender process. This includes specific requirements for value added services. For example, the clothes need to be ironed in the warehouse and steamed to make them ready for the stores. DSV had the best solution for these specific requirements. What really appeals to us is the entrepreneurial spirit and the practical attitude of DSV. In comparison with other logistics service providers, DSV certainly does not use the lowest rates, but we are happy to invest a little more because of our peace of mind. That is why we are happy to renew our contract with DSV, "says Brian.
“In addition, the people at DSV are just doing their job well. The employees in the warehouse treat our products as if they are their property. I rarely get a phone call that we have missed a shipping date. Manager Carlo Lepore is also very solution oriented. If something goes wrong, he has a suitable solution ready. These are qualities that I greatly appreciate in a service provider, "continues Brian.
“We actually have a partnership relationship with Haggar and we are proud that we can manage the assets of such a company. We try to think outside the box and tackle challenges with a practical attitude. We notice that customers like Haggar appreciate that, "says Carlo Lepore, Vice President of Client Solutions for DSV in Canada.

About Haggar

Haggar Clothing Co. is a manufacturer of men's clothing from the American Dallas. Haggar markets the clothing in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The Haggar Clothing Company was founded in 1926 by Lebanese immigrant Joseph Marion Haggar in a room in the Santa-Fe office in Dallas, Texas.